EV On-board DC-DC Converters

With many years of experience and thorough understanding of BMP power modules, NetPower provides customized high density and low profile EV on-board DC-DC converters for electric vehicle market to meet different requirements and standards.


Low profile
High efficiency up to 94%
Up to 3.6kW peak power
High power density: up to 100W/inch3
Compliance to vehicle EMC standard
CAN2.0 digital communication
IP67 environmental protection
Modular solution for fast customization



Customized to fit
Matching EMI filter
Open-frame for integration
Cased for stand alone






Power Range (KW) Input Voltage (V) Output Voltage (V) Output Current (A) Communication Size (MM)
1-1.5 200-430 12-16 83-100 CAN2.0 213*194*34
1.5-2 200-430 12-16 125-170 CAN2.0 228*141*29
2-3 200-430 12-16 166-208 CAN2.0 246*175*28
2-3 200-430 24-32 72-108 CAN2.0 213*194*34