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6.6kW On-Board Charger for 800V Batteries

Publish Date:2023-02-28

Plano, Texas, February 28, 2023 - NetPower has released its 6.6kW on-board chargers (OBC) CAD26K6B-142K5L to expand its e-Mobility product line. The OBC take single-phase universal AC input and convert it to direct current to charge 400-850V batteries. CAD26K6B-142K5L feature intelligent charging mode, CAN2.0B interface, bootloader via CAN bus, IP67 enclosure and a full set of protections. Both can be ordered to work with either SAE J1772 or IEC61851 standard charging connectors.

NetPower’s U.S.-based support team brings its designers and customers together making it a smooth process to integrate its on-board e-Mobility products into vehicles.

CAD26K6B-142K5L is now available, please contact sales@netpowercorp.com for further information and support.

NetPower develops and manufactures high-performance power conversion products including DC-DC and AC-DC battery chargers for e-Mobility applications. NetPower shines in its U.S. presence that provides prompt and in-depth application support to customers in North America.

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