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Legacy & Cross List

Based on the diminishing demands and the availability of replacements, NetPower discontinued a few of the product offering. Customers using these products are notified and given the last buy opportunity following our product discontinuation policy. At the same time, due to the narrowing of most vendors' product offerings, NetPower maintains a broad line up of high performance power modules and supports for the breadth and life of your business and products.

Discontinued Product List

HRS4018x065xxx      HRS4018x040xxx    HRS4025x065xxx   HRS4025x040xxx     QRS4010x040xxx      QRS4012x040xxx   QRS4015x025xxx    QRS4018x025xxx    

QRS4018x040xxx     QRS4025x025xxx      ERS4012x020xxx   ERS4012x030xxx

Cross List


Manufacturer Manufacturer PN NetPower Cross
Artesyn APC18T04-9JL NES1000x16Sxx

Artesyn EXB30-48S12J ERS4120x010xxx
Artesyn EXB30-48S3V3J ERS4033x015xxx
Artesyn EXB50-48S1V8J ERS4018x030xxx
Artesyn EXB50-48S2V0J ERS4025x025xxx
Artesyn EXB50-48S2V5J ERS4025x025xxx
Artesyn EXB50-48S3V3J ERS4033x015xxx
Artesyn EXB50-48S05J ERS4050x010xxx
Artesyn EXB50-48S12J ERS4120x005xxx
Artesyn RFB300-24S28-R5Y HPS2280x017xxx
Artesyn EXB250-48S1V2J ERS4012x060xxx
Artesyn EXB250-48S1V5J QPS4015x065xxx
Artesyn EXB250-48S1V8J QPS4018x065xxx
Artesyn EXB250-48S2V5J QPS4025x060xxx
Artesyn EXB250-48S3V3J QPS4033x055xxx
Artesyn EXB250-48S05J QPS4050x040xxx
Artesyn EXB250-48S12J QPS4120x017xxx
Artesyn RFF500-24S28-5Y HPS2280x017xxx
BEL  HBS100ZG-ANT ERS4050x020xxx

Cincon EC1SB -48S33 LRS3033x007xxxW
Cincon CEB75-48S2V5 ERS4025x025xxx
Cincon CEB75-48S3V3 ERS3033x020xxxW
Cincon CEB75-48S05 ERS4050x015xxx
Cincon CEB75-48S12 ERS3120x009xxxW
Cincon CEB75-48S1V0 ERS4010x030xxx
Cincon CEB75-48S1V2 ERS4012x060xxx
Cincon CEB75-48S1V5 ERS4015x030xxx
Cincon CEB75-48S1V8 ERS4018x030xxx
Cincon PKQ75-24S33 ERS2033x025xxx
Cincon PKQ75-24S05 ERS2050x015xxx
Cincon PKQ75-48S18 ERS4018x030xxx
Cincon PKQ75-48S25 ERS4025x025xxx
Cincon PKQ75-48S33 ERS3033x020xxxW
Cincon PKQ75-48S05 ERS4050x015xxx
Cincon CFB200-48S05 QPS4050x040xxx
Cincon CFB200-48S05N QPS4050N040xxx
Cincon CFB200-48S12 HPS4120x030xxx
Cincon CFB200-48S12N HPS4120N030xxx
Cincon CFB200-48S15 QPS3150x013xxxW 
Cincon CFB200-48S15N QPS3150N013xxxW 
Cincon CFB200-48S24 QPS3280x005xxxW 
Cincon CFB200-48S24N QPS3280x005xxxW 
Cincon CFB200-48S25 QPS4025x060xxx
Cincon CFB200-48S25N QPS4025N060xxx
Cincon CFB200-48S28 QPS3280x005xxxW 
Cincon CFB200-48S28N QPS3280N005xxxW 
Cincon CFB200-48S33 QPS4033N055xxx
Cincon CFB200-48S33N QPS4033N055xxx
Cincon CFB200-48S48 HPS4480x010xxx
Cincon CFB200-48S48N HPS4480x010xxx
Cincon CQB125-48S05 QPS3050x025xxxW
Cincon CQB125-48S05N QPS3050x025xxxW
Cincon CQB125-48S12 ERS3120x010xxxWE
Cincon CQB125-48S12N ERS3120x010xxxWE
Cincon CQB125-48S1V0 QPS4010x070xxx
Cincon CQB125-48S1V0N QPS4010N070xxx
Cincon CQB125-48S1V2 QRS4012x040xxx
Cincon CQB125-48S1V2N QRS4012N040xxx
Cincon CQB125-48S1V5 ERS4015x040xxx
Cincon CQB125-48S1V5N ERS4015N040xxx
Cincon CQB125-48S1V8 ERS4018x040xxx
Cincon CQB125-48S1V8N ERS4018N040xxx
Cincon CQB125-48S2V5 ERS4025x035xxx
Cincon CQB125-48S2V5N ERS4025N035xxx
Cincon CQB125-48S3V3 ERS4033x040xxx
Cincon CQB125-48S3V3N ERS4033x040xxx
Cincon IBQ180-48S12 EBE4120x017xxx
Cincon IBQ180-48S12H EBE4120x017xxx
Cincon IBQ180-48S12N EBE4120x017xxx
Cincon IBQ300-48S12 EBE4120x022xxx
Cincon IBQ300-48S12H EBE4120x022xxx
Cincon IBQ300-48S12N EBE4120x022xxx


BMR 653 31/1 QBC4120x033xxxAB
Ericsson PKB 4102NH PI . EBC4096x026xxx
Ericsson PKJ 4718B PIT ERS4018x040xxx
Ericsson PKJ 4119B PIT ERS4025x35xxx
Ericsson PKJ 4110B PIT ERS4033x040xxx
Ericsson PKM 4318 PIOA  ERS4015x020xxx
Ericsson PKM 4418A PIOA ERS4015x030xxx
Ericsson PKM 4318 PI ERS4018x030xxx
Ericsson PKM 4518A P ERS4018x030xxx
Ericsson PKM 4618A PI ERS4018x040xxx
Ericsson PKM 4519 PI ERS4025x025xxx
Ericsson PKM 4719A PI ERS4025x035xxx
Ericsson PKM 4510 PI ERS4033x015xxx
Ericsson PKM 4610 PI ERS3033x020xxxW
Ericsson PKM 4810A PI ERS3033x030xxxW
Ericsson PKM 4711 PI ERS3050x020xxxW
Ericsson PKM 4111 PI ERS3050x020xxxW
Ericsson PKM 4113 PI ERS3120x010xxxWE
Ericsson PKM 4918LC PINB QPS4012x100xxx
Ericsson PKM 4118HC PINB QPS4015x100xxx
Ericsson PKM 4118GC PINB QPS4018x085xxx
Ericsson PKM 4119C PINB QPS4025x060xxx
Ericsson PKM 4110C PINB QPS4033x055xxx
Ericsson PKM 4211C PINB QPS3050x040xxxW
Ericsson PKM 4213C PINBSP QPS3120x017xxxW
Ericsson PKM4119D PINB ERS4025x35xxx
Ericsson PKM4116D PINB ERS3080x015xxxW trim
GE ATA006A0X4-SRZ NBS1000x08Sxx
GE ATA006A0X-SRZ NBS1000x08Sxx
GE ATA010A0X3Z NAT1000x12Rxx
GE ATA010A0X43Z NAT1000x12Rxx
GE ATA016A0X43Z NAT1000x20Rxx
GE ATH006A0X4-SRZ NBS0000x08Sxx
GE AXA010A0X3Z NAS1000x12Sxx
GE AXA016A0X3Z NAT1000x20Rxx
GE AXH010A0GZ NAT0000x12Rxx
GE AXH010A0X-SRZ NAS0000x12Sxx
GE AXH016A0X3-SR NAS0000N020S15
GE EHW007A0Bxxx-xxZ ERS3120x009xxxW
GE EQW010A0Bxxx-xxZ ERS3120x010xxxWE
GE EQW020A0F1Z ERS3033x020xxxW
GE EQW030A0Fxxx-xxZ ERS3033x030xxxW
GE EQW035A0Gxxx-xxZ ERS4025x035xxx
GE EQW040A0Mxxx-xxZ ERS4015x040xxx
GE EQW040A0Pxxx-xxZ ERS4015x040xxx trim
GE EQW040A0Sxxx-xxZ ERS4010x050xxx
GE EQW040A0Yxxx-xxZ ERS4018x040xxx
GE EVK011A0Bxxx-xZ ERS3120x010xxxWE
GE EVW010A0Bxxx-xxZ ERS3120x010xxxWE
GE EVW020A0Axxx-xxZ ERS3050x020xxxW
GE FNW500Rxxx-xxZ FPS4280x025xxx
GE FNW700Rxxx-xxZ FPS4280x025xxx
GE JNC350R41-TZ HPS2280x017xxx
GE JNC350R41Z HPS2280x017xxx
GE JNCW016A0Rxxx-xxZ HPS4280x018xxx
GE JNW350R641-TZ HPS4280x018xxx
GE JNW350Rxxx-xxxZ HPS4280x018xxx
GE KNW013A0Axxx-xxxZ SRS4050x013xxx
GE KNW015A0Fxxx-xxxZ SRS3033x015xxxW
GE KNW020A0Fxxx-xxxZ SRS3033x020xxxW
GE KW010A0A41-SRZ SRS3050x010xxxW
GE KW015A0Fxxx-xxZ SRS4033x018xxx
GE KW020A0Gxxx-xxZ SRS4025x020xxx
GE KW025A0Mxxx-xxZ SRS4015x025xxx
GE KW025A0Pxxx-xxZ SRS4012x025xxx
GE KW025A0Yxxx-xxZ SRS4018x025xxx
GE QPW050A0F1-HZ QPS4033x055xxx
GE QPW050A0Fxxxxx QPS4033x055xxx
GE QPW060A0Gxxxxx QPS4025x060xxx
GE QPW060A0Mxxxxx QPS4015x065xxx
GE QPW060A0Pxxxxx QPS4012x070xxx
GE QPW060A0Yxxxxx QPS4018x065xxx
GE QRW010A0Bxxx-xxZ ERS3120x010xxxWE
GE QRW025A0Axxx-xxZ QPS3050x025xxxWE
GE QRW035A0Fxxx-xxZ ERS4033x040xxx
GE QRW035A0Gxxx-xxZ ERS4025x035xxx
GE QRW040A0Mxxx-xxZ ERS4015x040xxx
GE QRW040A0Yxxx-xxZ ERS4018x040xxx

GE SW001A0Axxx-xxZ LRS3050x004xxxW
GE SW001A2Bxxx-xxZ LRS3120x1A5xxxW
Murata LSM2-T/10-D12G-C NES1000x030Sxx

Murata HPQ-8.3/22-D48P-C ERS3080P015xxxW
Murata LSM2-T/10-D12NG-C NES1000x030Sxx
Murata LSM2-T/16-D12G-C NES1000x030Sxx
Murata LSM2-T/16-D12NG-C NES1000x030Sxx
Murata LSN2-T/30-D12N-C NAT1000x20Rxx
Murata LSN2-T/30-D12NG-C NAT1000x20Rxx
Murata LSS-T/10-W12-C NRT1000P010T05
Murata UCE-12/10-D48NB-C ERS3120x010xxxWE
Murata UCQ-12/8.3-D48NB-C ERS3120P009xx6W
Murata ULE-3.3/20-D48N-C ERS3033x020xxxW
Murata ULE-3.3/20-D48P-C ERS3033x020xxxW
Murata ULE-1.8/20-D48xx-C ERS4018x030xxx
Murata ULE-2.5/20-D48xx-C ERS4025x025xxx
Murata ULE-3.3/20-D48xM-C ERS3033x020xxxW
Murata ULE-5/12-D24xM-C  ERS2050x015xxx
Murata ULE-5/12-D48xM-C  ERS3050x014xxxW
Murata ULE-12/4.2-D24xM-C ERS2120x010xxx
Murata ULE-12/4.2-D48xM-C ERS4120x005xxx
Murata ULE-48/1.25-D48xM-C ERS4480x003xxx
Murata ULQ-12/8-D24N-C ERS2120N010xxx
Murata ULQ-12/8-D24P-C SRS2120P010xxx
Murata ULS-12/5-D48P-C SRS3120P005xxxW

TDK- Lambda iHG48060A050V-002-R HPS4050x080xxx
TDK- Lambda iQB48008A120V-001-R ERS3120x010xxxWE
TDK- Lambda iQB48012A120V-001-R QPS3120x017xxxW
TDK- Lambda iQB48025A018V-001-R ERS4018x030xxx
TDK- Lambda iQE24007A150V-001-R QPS3150x013xxxW
TDK- Lambda iQE24012A080V-001-R ERS3080x015xxxW
TDK- Lambda iQE24030A033V-001-R ERS3033x030xxxW
TDK- Lambda iSA48025A025V-001-R SRS4025x030xxx
TDK- Lambda iSA48030A012V-001-R SRS4012x035xxx
TDK- Lambda iSA48030A015V-001-R SRS4015x030xxx
TDK- Lambda iSA48030A018V-001-R SRS4018x030xxx
TDK- Lambda IQE24024A050V-001-R QPS2050x025xxxE

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