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Press Release

NetPower to Exhibit at electronica China 2020

NetPower will be exhibiting at electronica China 2020 in Shanghai, China from July 3 to 5.

2020-06-22 READ MORE
15W Non-isolated DC-DC Converter with Fast Transient Response

NetPower announces the release of 18-36V to 0.9-1.1V NPS3 non-isolated converter. The 15W NPS3 converter is designed with fast transient response and low ripple voltage characteristics, suitable for low output voltage point-of-load applications in computing and similar digital consumer applications.

2020-06-02 READ MORE
2400W Buck/Boost Non-isolated Converter with Current-Share and Current-Limit

NetPower announces the release of 9-60V to 0-60V 2400W buck/boost non-isolated converter. This NYWH5 converter adopts full digital control and supports PMBus. The optimized power train design achieves up to 97% conversion efficiency.

2020-05-06 READ MORE
NetPower on NACV 2019

The NACV show 2019 is opened on October 28 and is now ready for the last day’s exposition in Atlanta, Georgia.

2019-10-31 READ MORE
16-160V Ultra-Wide Input Railway Power Modules

NetPower introduces the ultra-wide input railway power modules to the railway product offerings. This new QYR9S series quarter bricks have a 10:1 input range of 16-160V and output power of 50W; available codes are 5V/10A, 12V/4A and 24V/2A.

2019-10-28 READ MORE
Join NetPower at NACV Show 2019

NetPower is going to exhibit at the NACV show 2019. This show is the most comprehensive commercial vehicle trade show targeting fleets, products and services in North America.

2019-10-15 READ MORE
Expanding of AC-DC Power Supplies

NetPower introduces the addition of new AC-DC power supplies including PD, PS, GKF, PWF, PSF and PDF series. The newly developed AC-DC products have universal AC input and wide range of DC input, the output power ranges from 15W to 800W.

2019-09-26 READ MORE
NetPower on EV & HEV Technology EXPO

NetPower showcased its e-Mobility products including on-board DC-DC converters and on-board chargers (OBC) in this exhibition, These multi-kilo watts high-reliability DC-DC converters are designed to step down HV battery voltages (200V to 800V) to charge low voltage (12V, 24V, 48V, etc.) batteries, and they are capable to operate in parallel for expanded power. The 2-in-1 OBC+DC/DC combo in a small and light-weight package gained strong attention.

2019-09-12 READ MORE
NetPower e-Mobility Solutions

NetPower upgraded the e-Mobility power platform recently. The platform is now a mature one and greatly expanded after many years of development.

2019-09-09 READ MORE
2019 IEEE LI Power Electronics Symposium

- NetPower will be exhibiting at the IEEE Long Island Power Electronics Symposium on November 7, 2019. The venue is the Hauppauge Radisson, 110 Motor Parkway, Hauppauge LI.

2019-09-04 READ MORE

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