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Press Release

NetPower Heatsinks for Better Thermal Performance

NetPower adds the heatsinks to its Power Accessories category. NetPower heatsinks are designed for industry standard brick converters and have various sizes and two fin orientations.

2019-02-11 READ MORE
EMI Filter

NetPower announces the release of EMI Filters that work with NetPower DC-DC power modules. The PFT series EMI filters are designed to attenuate both differential-mode and common-mode conducted noises generated by DC-DC converters.

2019-01-18 READ MORE
Meet NetPower at electronica 2018 in Munich!

NetPower is going to exhibit at electronica 2018 in Munich, Germany from November 13 to 16, come to visit us at C4.233.

2018-10-10 READ MORE
Upcoming LI Power Electronics Symposium

NetPower will be exhibiting at the Long Island Power Electronics Symposium on November 8, the area's premier annual event that unites the local power electronics community.

2018-09-05 READ MORE
Wide Input Non-isolated Sixteenth Brick DC-DC Converter

NetPower announces the release of wide input NXS5 non-isolated 1/16th brick converter. The NXS5 converter has an input range of 9-53V and adjustable output of 3.3-15V; with the efficiency up to 97%, this point-of-load (POL) converter is able to deliver a maximum power of 312W at 26A.

2018-08-15 READ MORE
NetPower at the Novi EV Expo 2018

NetPower is going to participate in the Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo 2018, which will take place at Suburban Collection Showplace in Novi, Michigan from September 11 to 13.

2018-07-30 READ MORE
180-400V High Input Half Brick DC-DC Converters

NetPower announces the release of high input half brick HYUEA DC-DC converters. These encapsulated half bricks have a wide input range of 180-400V and output voltages of 5V, 12V, 28V, 48V and 56V, delivering power up to 336W. The new half bricks have excellent thermal performance and high efficiencies up to 93.5% at full load.

2018-04-02 READ MORE
NetPower at electronica China 2018

NetPower presented an updated product offering on March 14 -16, 2018 in the electronica China show in Shanghai, China. This time, NetPower put forward a much more comprehensive product lineup.

2018-03-20 READ MORE
Addition of 120A NHT1 POL DC-DC Converter

NetPower just released the 120A NHT1 POL converter. The NHT1 converter features high current output, which is a significant feature of NetPower non-isolated DC-DC converters. The 120A converter has the input range of 8V-14V and the output range of 0.5-1.6V.

2017-11-30 READ MORE
Railway DC-DC Converters

NetPower introduces quarter brick QYR6A, half brick HYR7A, and full brick FYR7A series of DC-DC converters designed for railway applications.

2017-09-25 READ MORE

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